Buy Property To Rent To Students

Investing In Property To Rent Out To Students

If you have ambitions in the property investment market - the student market is currently enjoying massive growth. Even in times of economic troubles the one thing that the UK will never run out of is students and their need to be accommodated.

Year on year more school leavers opt to go to university, meaning more investment opportunities for you.

Buying into property around universities and university town is and will always be a the most sensible property investment you will ever make.

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The Current Student Demand For Accommodation

Fact 1: A high majority of universities can only house or accommodate around a third of its total number of students. Simple mathematics dictates that two thirds of students need somewhere to live for the duration of their courses - ideally within a half mile radius of their university.

Fact 2: Mortgage lenders have reduced the number of mortgages offered by nearly 40%. The number of people who find themselves stuck on the first rung of the property ladder is rising dramatically. This increases the need for rental accommodation.

Fact 3: In the last 4 years, student rent has risen 17% - a £36.16 increase per month. It may sound like a small amount of money, but when when you factor in time imagine what this figure will amount to in 1 year. Approximately £430 free extra profits, based completely on interest and inflation.

Fact 4: Private rental accommodation has risen by over 50% in the last 6 months. Some students especially in and around the London area are now paying an additional £200 more than they were two months ago. with rent set to rise a further 6.3% in the next year - the wise property investor is profiting.

Tenancy For Life - Is It Possible

Can you imagine earning between £500 to £1000 each and every month - for life.

Every year nearly 6 million new students leave school and begin their journey into further education, yet an incredible 70% of this number will have to find rental accommodation - off campus.

The solution to their problem lies with you through Buy To Let

Buy to Let For Students

Property Mentors unique step by step system can teach you how to profit form the student demand for property - the exact same system we use to make our very own investments. You can invest with no previous experience, using little or none of your own cashflow and make instant free equities of over £15,000. It sounds incredibly simple - the risk is minimal and rewards are potentially huge.

As long as there are students there will always be a demand for rental accommodation. More and more 18 year olds are opting to go to university every year, meaning more tenants will be searching for a home to shelter them through the next 3 years of their life. Now is the time capitilise.

All you need is a system to make this goal a reality. Systems such as these are available to everyone - but surprising few fully understand or aware the potential.

The Buy To Let property market is not elitist or for the cash rich compaines or individuals.

In our FREE 2 hour property investment seminar we will introduce you to new, unique strategies seen no where else in the country, that will enable you to receive 100% mortgages, and become financially free after your first 4 properties.

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